Appa Keycap - V1 - Twitch Exclusive

Keycap: Appa

Colorway: V1 - Twitch Exclusive

Raffle Date: N/A - only available via Twitch Giveaway

Sale information: 

I did not end up doing a raffle sale for this keycap and instead did two giveaways for a total of 6 Appa keycaps on my twitch channel.   This was because I had put a sub goal on my channel where every 5 subs, we would giveaway an Appa.  I did not think I would ever be giving away more than one or two but then a very generous person, projectr3d, gifted a ton of subs and we ended up being able to giveaway 6 caps!  

Because this giveaway depleted the caps I had already made as well as my next batch,  I decided to move on from this keycap and work on other sculpts.  

Keycap Details:

This was my very first sculpt and resin cast keycap!  While I think he is absolutely adorable, it was definitely a learning process and I would love to come back and re-sculpt him someday for other colorways. 

Because I was still learning,  the reject rate of these caps was 7/8 caps per batch and that was if i did the colors correctly!  

I am very appreciative to everyone who was excited about getting these keycaps and I do hope to re-visit this sculpt but for now.....on to something new!